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Our Packages and Pricing

A well-behaved family member is priceless. Getting there….not so much.
That’s why we’re up front about our pricing. No hidden fees.

We’ll start with a meet and greet where we evaluate your dog (or dogs) and make sure we’re a good fit. We’ve worked with all types, ages, and breeds of dogs so we’ve seen almost everything, but this also gives you a chance to feel us out as well. Evaluations are $52.00 per dog (if your dog has a bite history then we charge 100.00 as we take extra time to prepare and safety precautions) and must be pre-paid to reserve your 1-hour spot. After the evaluation, if we both agree to move forward, you’ll have the option of two types of training environments: 1-on-1 and group classes.

One on One

Not all dogs are ready for a group environment, or maybe you want some individualized help with some problem behavior. That’s where 1-on-1 personal training comes in. We’ll work with you to help train you how to teach your pup basic commands, proper leash techniques, and more. Our goal will be to get your pup ready for the advance group class environment where your pup can socialize and continue to learn in a more distracting environment.

Group Class

Monitored socialization, confidence building, high distraction environment, reactive training – the group class helps your pup learn to listen to commands even when there’s something more interesting around. Plus, we do practice AKC Rally drills, mimic Good Canine obedience tests, and play games that teach you how to have fun and be aware of your companion.

Training Packages and Sessions

All training packages require an evaluation before we offer our standard training contract for the options below. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, including Bordatella. Evaluations are $52.00 per dog (if your dog has a bite history then we charge 100.00 as we take extra time to prepare and safety precautions) and must be pre-paid online to reserve your spot. This fee is non-refundable and may only be rescheduled if given more than 24-hour notice.

If we’re the right fit, you can sign up for our Training Package, one-on-one sessions, or group sessions. Payments are non-refundable and due upfront before lesson begins. Cash or check preferred, but we accept credit card payment on request (surcharge processing fee applies and will be added to your invoice for each payment).

Family members or spouses/partners are allowed to participate/substitute during sessions (as long as they’ve attended during evaluation or previous classes). Children should be older than 13 to participate and are allowed as long as they do not disrupt classes – they should know NOT to approach any other dog unless given permission. Younger children are not recommended in group sessions as they tend to be more disruptive and distracting to your and other attendee’s training but are welcome in one-on-one sessions.

One handler per dog is recommended, but not required for well-behaved pairs – all dogs must have a previous evaluation on file before attending any sessions. If you do an evaluation for a second dog on a different day/time, the discount price does not apply as we have to travel/set up again.

Training Package

$750 for 1 Dog / $1300 for 2 Dogs *

Get Access to (4) 1-hour one-on-one session and

(12) 1-hour Group Classes on Your Schedule

Requires Evaluation (before signing up)

(4) 1 hour one-on-one lessons and (12) 1 hour group classes.

Recommended for new clients after evaluation to get both personalized and group sessions for socialization and proofing behaviors.

*$50 discount if paid upfront, otherwise $350 payment is due upon contract signing and the remaining amount ($400) due on the first group session. All sessions must be completed within (6) months of contract signing date.

1 Hour One-on-One

$100 for 1 Dog / $150 for 2 Dogs *

Get (1) one hour one-on-one personal lesson
when you want individual assistance

Requires Existing Evaluation on File

(1) 1 hour session of a personal one-on-one lesson.

Need individual assistance with behaviors or training? Schedule some one-on-one time to get some personalized attention for your pup’s needs. Ideal for new or existing clients that need personal assistance.
*Payment due upfront, before lesson begins.

30 Minute One-on-One

$75 for 1 Dog / $100 for 2 Dogs *

Get (1) 30 minute one on one personal lesson
when you want individual assistance

Requires Existing Evaluation on File

(1) 30 minute session of personal one-on-one attention.

Don’t need or have a full hour, or maybe your pup’s focus isn’t there yet? You can schedule individual lessons in 30 minutes instead. Great for new clients or existing clients.
*Payment due upfront, before lesson begins.

Group Class Sessions

$35 for 1 Dog / $50 for 2 Dogs *

Get access to (1) group class
when you need socialization and training in a group setting

Requires Existing Evaluation on File AND PERMISSION

1 hour group class – attend as many as you want (with permission)!

Looking to practice your training in a group setting? Join a group session to get some supervised socialization training and fun activities to challenge your pup. Permission is required to join – no drop-ins!
*Payment due upfront before session begins

**Online payment prices include a surcharge fee for online payment processing

New? Start your journey with us now!